Orion Press Release

Louisville, KY Metro Chooses AgencyWeb® CourtNotify for Witness Efficiency

Apr 14, 2010 3:10:00 PM

Dallas, TX (April 14, 2010) – Louisville Metro Government (LMG), through the Louisville Metro Criminal Justice Commission (LMCJC), has awarded a major contract to Orion Communications, Inc. for its AgencyWeb® electronic subpoena management solution. The LMG includes the City of Louisville and Jefferson County, KY -- making it the largest city in the state of Kentucky with a population of over 700,000.


With Orion’s integrated AgencyWeb® electronic subpoena solution, the LMG will be able to improve public safety witness efficiencies and accountability across multiple departments, agencies and jurisdictions throughout the County. Participating agencies serving subpoenas throughout Louisville include the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office, the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and the Louisville Metro Police Department.


“We are delighted that our electronic subpoena system has been selected to serve the Louisville Metro Government,” says Leslie DeLatte, Orion Owner/President. “Our AgencyWeb® electronic subpoena solution has helped counties like Dallas, El Paso, Miami-Dade and Orleans Parish to improve witness court attendance, reduce witness-related costs and increase multi-agency information sharing. We look forward to bringing the same experience to Louisville criminal justice practitioners.”


In the past, the current paper process used to route approximately 181,000 annual subpoenas throughout the County has proven to be labor intense with some cases prematurely dismissed due to witness appearance issues. Notifications about rescheduled or dismissed cases were often not received in time for officers to appear. Officer schedules have not been easily assessable -- initiating increased expense and delays.


With AgencyWeb®, LMG judicial agencies will use online tools to automate notifications and receive documented response acknowledgements. Clerks will be able to reset and confirm new dates in real-time when cases or dockets are rescheduled.


Louisville law enforcement agency users will have the ability to electronically receive their notifications in real-time using web tools or email. Automated escalated alerts will ensure that required agency witnesses are aware of their required attendance for scheduled cases and that court clerks are informed about emergency situations. Day-of-court attendance will be tracked and made available for unprecedented, bottom-line statistical reporting.


The LMG AgencyWeb® electronic subpoena system is scheduled to begin deployment in 2nd Quarter 2010 and will be rolled out in a multi-phased schedule with final completion estimated for 4th Quarter 2010.