Orion Press Release

Lucas County Emergency Services Chooses AgencyWeb® for Data Sharing

Jan 6, 2011 3:16:00 PM

Dallas, TX (January 6, 2011) – Orion Communications, a provider of Public Safety software, announces that its AgencyWeb® Business Management Solution has been selected by the Lucas County, Ohio Department of Emergency Services to compliment TriTech Communication’s integrated computer-aided dispatch and mobile data solution. The multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency solution will support all law enforcement, fire and emergency medical agencies in Lucas County and the City of Toledo. The AgencyWeb® system will enable greater efficiencies by consuming data from different agency systems throughout the County and feeding consolidated information to the new regional CAD solution.


Direct interfaces with the CAD and mobile data solutions will enable the AgencyWeb® Administrator application to serve as “command-central” for the coordination of daily employee operations. For example, Administrator will use comprehensive employee information for real-time coordination of workforce schedules, employee activities and events. Time and attendance tools will be used to track planned schedules versus actual events for accurate reporting to payroll. And agency business rules will be applied to automate employee notifications about events that require actions, as well as tracking the “who, where and when” of these events.


AgencyWeb® will also be instrumental in helping multi-agency systems throughout the region improve the coordination and sharing of information across different parts of their organization. For example, the AgencyWeb® Virtual Viewer tool will be used for real-time access to data stored in the County’s NORIS (Northern Ohio Records Information System), as well as County property, field interview and booking platforms. Global searches, using common search criteria across multiple internal and/or external platforms will be used to view results from these types of systems. Results will be displayed through dynamic tabular formats with detail drill-down links for detailed viewing.


“Orion’s role in the Lucas County and Toledo project is the perfect example of the issues that AgencyWeb® is designed to solve and we’re proud to be the critical part of such an important initiative”, states Orion Vice President of Sales, Rusty Byers. “By inserting AgencyWeb® as the central administrative tool for CAD, RMS and Mobile, Lucas County and the City of Toledo will ensure a consistent flow of personnel data between all applications, streamlined interfaces and a platform that will continue to grow to meet their staff’s needs in the future.”