Orion Press Release

Miami-Dade Corrections Chooses AgencyWeb® for Staff Scheduling

Feb 4, 2011 3:18:00 PM

Dallas, TX (February 4, 2011) – Orion Communications, a provider of browser-based Public Safety software, announced today that the Miami-Dade, FL Corrections and Rehabilitation Department (MDCR) has selected Orion’s AgencyWeb® Business Management Solution as the centralized staff scheduling system for the department’s nearly 2,700 employees. The new AgencyWeb® solution will automate the department’s time collection, as well as manage rosters, conduct shift bidding, and automate filling certain vacancies in conjunction with audit controls and enhance reporting. It will also improve overtime management, send and receive work communications, and ensure consistent application of policies and collective bargaining agreements.


As one of the largest jail systems in the nation, MDCR has historically depended on labor intense paper-based systems to staff and manage daily personnel needs. Managers have had to manually enter staffing, leave, attendance and overtime information onto employee rosters that were not associated with a database. All data contained on employee rosters had to then be manually entered into spreadsheets and transferred to other reports -- a time consuming initiative to say the least.


With the new AgencyWeb® solution, all scheduling and roster management will be automated. Data entry redundancies will be eliminated by allowing workforce data to flow securely through one centralized system. Time and attendance tools will be used to track planned schedules versus actual events, so that work time can be accurately reported to the County’s payroll system. MDCR business rules will be applied to automate employee notifications about events that require action, as well as tracking the “who, where and when” of these events; and comprehensive employee information will be used for real-time coordination of workforce schedules and activities.


As part of the solution’s interface requirements, Orion’s AgencyWeb® Agent software will be used to share information with eight different County systems – one of which is Orion’s e-Notify electronic subpoena system. The AgencyWeb® Virtual Viewer tool will be used to generate web based reports from multiple platforms. Agency users will have access to information based on their roles and business unit requirements. For the first time, the MDCR executive staff and mid-level managers will have a comprehensive administrative dashboard for coordinated oversight of daily workforce efforts.

“Miami-Dade County has always been an industry leader in their deployment of outstanding public safety solutions”, states Rusty Byers Orion V.P. of Sales. “What Orion is able to do now is ensure that the business side of the operations is on par with the tactical side”.