Orion Press Release

Orion Adds Alpha Bravo Scheduling to AgencyWeb® IWM Solution

Feb 28, 2017 10:05:00 PM


Ensuring Maximum Scheduling Efficiency during Emergency and Natural Disaster Events


Dallas, TX – February 28, 2017 — Orion Communications, Inc., a leader in public safety workforce management software, has announced the addition of Alpha/Bravo scheduling to its AgencyWeb® IWM software. Building on the software’s advanced scheduling capabilities, public safety agencies that activate Alpha/Bravo schedules now have the ability to efficiently transition to emergency Alpha/Bravo shifts and back to original schedules once the crisis ends.


“Our new Alpha/Bravo application broadens our core technology with exciting functional that is relevant to public safety,” stated Jackie Belasky, Director of Sales and Marketing at Orion Communications. “This latest addition to our platform, built in concert with our customers, combines proactive planning with scheduling automation that is essential once emergency events are declared”.


With AgencyWeb® IWM, Alpha/Bravo schedules can be created before emergencies occur. Personnel to be applied to those schedules can be predetermined. When the state of Alpha/Bravo goes into effect, employees can be quickly reassigned to their predetermined schedule. Once the Alpha/Bravo period has ended, all personnel are automatically reverted back to their original schedules. All schedule reassignments and reversions back to original shifts are tracked in real-time for auditing purposes.


Alpha/Bravo can be purchased as part of the full AgencyWeb® IWM suite of applications, or as an add-on to the AgencyWeb® IWM Lite solution.