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Orion Unveils AgencyWeb® IWM: Next-Gen Public Safety Management

Feb 13, 2012 3:25:00 PM

Dallas, TX (February 13, 2012) – Orion Communications, a leading provider of web-based Public Safety software, today announced the upgrade of its AgencyWeb® Administrator system to AgencyWeb® IWM (Intelligent Workforce ManagementSM). The upgraded AgencyWeb® IWM system will provide Public Safety agencies with performance based management that automatically reports their workforce public services and the financial impact of those services.




Designed to use its workforce schedules and activity data, AgencyWeb® IWM helps agencies translate schedule planning and activity work results into actionable information.  The AgencyWeb® IWM web-based platform includes powerful productivity tools that agency leaders can rely on to make smart and defendable decisions.  It is the next generation in workforce management technology that combines the science of data management with an agency’s own unique procedures and decision points.   With real-time performance based analysis, Public Safety now has the means to analyze the services they offer the community as a whole.  Direct interfaces with traditional Public Safety systems, such as CAD, RMS, and mobile data solutions, enables AgencyWeb® IWM to serve as “command-central” for the coordination of all daily employee operations. 


“Public Safety is being forced to change how agencies are run at every level,” states Rusty Byers VP of Sales at Orion Communications.  “Having the ability to understand exactly where agency manpower and money are being spent is critical.  When we show an agency how AgencyWeb® IWM can connect multiple data sources and then produce a real-time statistical and financial picture they are excited because they see the immediate difference our product can make within their organization.”

Through its leading edge functionality, AgencyWeb® IWM is making Public Safety business analysis easy.  By using Orion’s business analysis services and applying the system’s productivity tools within the entire workforce, agency leaders access dashboard views that provide accurate and complete snapshots of daily workforce activities. No special programming is needed. 


AgencyWeb® IWM automatically simplifies complex workforce data. The system can be used for real-time performance based analysis that closes the gap between the true cost of day-to-day activities and financial decision making, both strategically and tactically.  As workforce patterns become evident, agency managers can use specific data-driven information needed to make informed decisions regarding work activities and the associated costs. 


The belief that “this is the way we’ve always done it and we can’t change” is being forced out of the cultural mindset.  With AgencyWeb® IWM now there’s a better way.   And it is here today.

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