Orion Press Release

Tommy Hutson Joins Orion as New Senior Product Engineer

Feb 25, 2015 3:39:00 PM

Dallas, TX (2/25/2015) – Orion Communications, a provider of public sector software and services, today announced that Tommy Hutson has joined the company’s executive management team as Senior Product Engineer. Mr. Hutson will focus on driving the company’s product roadmap and third party integrations throughout public safety organizations.

Mr. Hutson brings more than 30 years of real-life experience in public safety and criminal justice to the company. Throughout his career, he has been directly responsible for contractual IT selections and initiative oversight. In his role with Orion Communications, Mr. Hutson will provide market driven focus to the product roadmap and technical leadership regarding third party interfaces.

“I have a passion for public safety that is both personnel and professional,” states Mr. Hutson. “I started at 16 as a volunteer fire fighter and later transitioned to the Pilot Point Police Department as a patrolman. Working for a smaller agency was a great learning experience that taught me all aspects of policing. By the time I joined the Dallas County DA’s Office as an Investigator, I had a solid background in the daily workings of law enforcement personnel. I was later able to apply my IT skills in ways that improved daily processes. It’s was all about working smarter, not harder.”

Mr. Hutson served as the Director of IT for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office from 2000 to 2014. In this position he oversaw the agency’s IT strategy and implemented business requirements that included technical investments for new hardware or software components. There, he worked directly with technology tools, the creation of IT vendor contracts, and the development of the agency’s policies and initiatives. He is a certified forensic video technician and continues to serve as the LEVA (Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association) Lab Manager.

“Tommy is a unique, hands-on professional that comes to us with a strong technical background as well as someone who has walked in our customer’s shoes,” states Leslie DeLatte, President and CEO of Orion. “He’s definitely a problem solver with a passion for getting things done. His ability to clearly articulate our vison to both the technical community and the end user is invaluable. We’re proud to have him on board.”

In his role, Mr. Hutson reports directly to Orion President and CEO, Leslie DeLatte.