Orion Press Release

Orion Releases AgencyWeb® Administrator 5.0 Public Safety Workforce Management System

Feb 24, 2010 3:08:00 PM

Dallas, TX (February 24, 2010) – Orion Communications, a provider of public safety software and services, today announced the release of AgencyWeb Administrator 5.0. This latest Administrator release, bridges all aspects of managing an agency's workforce lifecycle. It does this by making key data more visible for better decision making and applying agency-defined rules to workforce and operational process automation.


Administrator 5.0 is one system with many applications. For example, scheduling tools automate staffing planning. Rosters consolidate current or future schedules for workforce groups. Automated updates coordinate and display real-time scheduling changes such as position management, leaves, training, and special-duty assignments. Activities tracking are automated with real-time CAD, Citation, Court, and RMS integration. Supervisor-controlled time and attendance tools provide time tracking for tracking pay types and documenting employee time cards. Punch in / punch out timecard tools track employee time and break events.


With Administrator 5.0, emphasis is on improving workforce efficiency, managing resources effectively and tying user functionality to agency business requirements. For example, individual and group notifications are structured to apply event responsibilities to the right role at the right time. And all workforce activities are tracked, so accountability is increased and supervisory controls guaranteed. “We understand that today’s Public Safety Agencies can no longer rely on partial resource management solutions, with different platforms doing just enough to make certain systems function,” states Orion President Leslie DeLatte.


Administrator 5.0 is unique in that it not only provides comprehensive workforce automation, but also submits and gathers data with external systems as a standard practice. Common interfaces include, CAD, RMS, Payroll, HR, JMS, CMS, State Reporting and internal systems. Serving as the agency’s “workforce-command-center”, Administrator 5.0 optimizes existing technologies so that coordinated oversight is applied throughout all personnel levels.


“Orion embraces the fact that data sharing is becoming a common practice,” adds Ms. DeLatte. “We are pleased that Administrator 5.0 includes this functionality as a means of helping agencies to operate better. Whether it’s through process automation or pushing responsibilities to right person, Administrator helps leaders manage their agency more like a business. Now, they’ve got a system that helps them run it like one.”


Through role and permission levels users store, retrieve and access all aspects of workforce information – including sworn, non-sworn, reserves and auxiliary members. For example, workflow approval routing is used to reduce paperwork and save time. Interactive tools allow users access to data from different systems. Budget tools control funding sources, assets and positions. Bids for positions and vacation dates are automated based upon agency and union rules. Assets are assigned individually or to groups. Training course scheduling and notifications include results tracking and certifications. Evidence intake, handling, security and disposal activities are coordinated with investigators and labs.