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 Increase Attendance Accountability Regardless of Location 

TRKR_computer-screen.jpgAgencyWeb® MobileTRKR is designed to track employee attendance that is unique for public safety... from firearm range certification, to volunteer station attendance, to court, training and on-call rapid-response arrivals and departures.  

Working in conjunction with AgencyWeb IWM and AgencyWeb CourtNotify software, AgencyWeb MobileTRKR can be used on any type of web-based device, regardless of location. 

Rules can be applied to ensure that personnel are not checking into events too early, or remaining too
long after events have been completed. If mobile devices are preferred, geographical location data can
be applied to ensure that logins/logouts are within close proximity of scheduled events.



Ensure Attendance Accountability of Public Safety Personnel Regardless of Location

Check-mark-green.jpgEasy check-in /out regardless of location New Call-to-action
Check-mark-green.jpgIncreased attendance accountability
Check-mark-green.jpgImproved control of overtime costs
Check-mark-green.jpgAccurate audit and compliance reporting