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Electronic Subpoena Receipt by Law Enforcement Witnesses

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AgencyWeb_CourtNotify Subpoean Receipt by Public Safety Witnesses

Paper subpoenas can take days to get to officers, with some arriving late or not at all.  What's more, staffing resources are needed to make sure officers don't have scheduling conflicts and that they do attend their court events.

Increase Accountability Using Subpoena Notifications with Receipt Confirmation

With AgencyWeb® CourtNotify, law enforcement witnesses receive appearance, standby or disregard notifications on their CourtNotify web account, agency email, and/or using mobile devices.  When AgencyWeb IVR is added, outbound telephone notifications can be sent about court events.  Witnesses can respond to agency-defined response prompts in order to verify notification receipts.

Each officer's home screen includes summary and calendar viewing of all their court events.  Court case details include defendant, charges and court information. Witnesses can view and/or print any documentation included with their notification.  

Embedded acknowledgment links enable officers to make quick receipt verifications that are name, time and date stamped. Group acknowledgments can be used for high volume court events. Email reminders are sent to officers that fail to acknowledge their court notifications after agency-defined time periods.

Supervisors can monitor subordinate's court notifications in listed or calendar formats. Non-acknowledgements are escalated up the command chain and include oversights for frequent shift changes. Authorized personnel can respond for others in unique situations and include an explanation.

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