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Roster Management

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Manual timekeeping methods are labor intense, liable to include errors and to say the least, quite costly.  With AgencyWeb IWM's dynamically generated schedules, roster management is significantly simplied.

Flexible, Easy-to-Use Rosters for Daily Staffing Management

AgencyWeb® IWM allows authorized personnel to easily move personnel to different schedules and work positions directly from shift rosters. Details regarding personnel that are loss to or gained from other organizations can quickly be viewed. All saved changes to a planned schedule are displayed. 

Rosters include on-duty and off-duty personnel, as well as those with approved leave-time, overtime, training, or court assignments.  Color coding is used to identify essential versus non-essential assignment slots.  Filters can be used to focus on desired information.

Staffing summary screens can be viewed to quickly identify any vacancies or personnel status issues.  At-a-glance roll call screens can be used to track who has reported in and out for their shifts.  Employee's actual start and end times are automatically saved in electronic time sheets.

An optional AgencyWeb IVR interface can be added that allows AgencyWeb® IWM to send outbound telephony notifications to personnel regarding shift changes. Prompts can be setup up so that personnel can respond to these calls.  All personnel responses are automatically saved with the system.

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