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Mission Critical First Responders with Complex Needs


In big cities and small towns, Fire Departments and EMS Agencies are tasked with keeping watch 24/7, 365 days a year for potentially destructive events. When a critical situation occurs, firefighters must be at the scene as soon as possible to keep the situation from getting out of hand.  Maintaining proper staffing levels is essential.  Balancing resource allocations using limited budgets is always a top priority.  Add to that the complexities of managing volunteers as part of the workforce.  Or ensuring that career firefighters have the latest skills and certification requirements.  Then there's complying with things like FLSA, labor unions, safety and fatigue rules.  And according to Fire-Rescue1, other trends are emerging  regarding the firefighter workforce.


Dwindling Full-TimersFire Woman

"Every minute counts" is valid for emergency planning and response, but deploying a just-in-case delivery model is increasingly coming under attack for its staffing and apparatus costs. Expect more use of per diem and part-time staffing arrangements to contain employee costs.


Cross Training

Many if not most career firefighters must have some level of emergency medical training. Expect attempts to cross-train and use paid firefighters as law enforcement officers in small- and medium-size cities.


Cops in Charge


History has shown that fire departments more often come under control of police departments than vice versa. Expect that law enforcement officers will be increasingly asked to cross-train in firefighting and EMS in small and mid-sized cities.


Data Driven

More decisions involving public expenditures will come down to using data to save money. Expect more radical staffing and deployment models for EMS and fire units to meet changing needs throughout cities and peak demand times throughout a given day.



Expanded Duties


An oath to save lives and property will mean more than fighting fires. Expect to be used during disasters in all-hazard (and some not so hazardous) roles that are not your regular assignment or mission.


Prevention Will Rise 


The mindset that we fight fires first and thus put prevention in a secondary stance will increasingly come under scrutiny as costly and even (more importantly) that it really violates the so-called oath to save lives and preserve property. Expect the idea of the supremacy of fire suppression over fire prevention to wane and resistance to residential fire sprinklers to decline and with it the costly fire department staffing and deployment patterns as we know it now.


Increased Zoning

Procedures for hazardous materials incidents stand as an example of how science and fact-based decision making can drive response to emergencies and threats. Expect to see increased application of the "cold zone, warm zone, hot zone" concept to threats and emergencies (even fires).


Threat Response

Security threats demand a unified response. Expect to see more use of the rescue task force concept combining in varying ratio police, fire and EMS personnel.





How Does AgencyWeb Serve Fire-EMS?


Orion’s mission to 'Serve Those Who Serve' is at the heart of our workforce management technology.   Fire Department and EMS managers have difficult tasks with complex processes.  Based on our two decades of experience, we know that our AgencyWeb solution makes our customer's operational workforce processes simpler.  No matter what your workforce challenges are -- we've got your back. 

Check-mark-green.jpgAutomate Complex Scheduling Based on Agency Rules Check-mark-green.jpg Connect with IVR Platforms for Outbound/Inbound Calls
Check-mark-green.jpgEnsure Training and Certification Compliance Check-mark-green.jpgAutomate Fatigue Rules to Support Safety
Check-mark-green.jpgMinimize Overtime While Ensuring Fairness Check-mark-green.jpgEnsure Qualified Staffing Assignments
Check-mark-green.jpgTrack Equipment Assignments to Units and/or Employees Check-mark-green.jpgEnable Shift Swaps Based on Agency Rules
Check-mark-green.jpgManage Personnel w/Different Roles in Multiple Agencies  Check-mark-green.jpgExchange Data with External Systems - like RMS, Fire RMS & CAD
Check-mark-green.jpgSave Time with Employee Self-Services Check-mark-green.jpgProvide Mobile Access to Officers in the Field
Check-mark-green.jpgGenerate Workforce Regulatory Reports Check-mark-green.jpgSend Time and Attendance Electronically to Payroll Systems
Check-mark-green.jpgAutomate Time-Off Requests with Response Workflows  Check-mark-green.jpgSave Time and Ensure Fairness with Shift and Vacation Bidding




Orion's Fire/EMS Customers


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