Serving the Judicial Workforce

The roles of criminal justice practitioners varies widely and includes judges, prosecutors, public defenders, court administrators, law enforcement and correctional personnel.  While these agencies have different responsibilities, they work together to enforce the law, protect the victims, prosecute the guilty, and provide rehabilitation and punishment to criminal offenders. Proper communication between criminal justice practitioners is critical. From criminal, civil, and juvenile court cases to traffic and magistrate cases, today's criminal justice practitioners must have the proper tools to help them work efficiently together. 

This is especially true when it comes to participating in court events. Issuing witness notifications using manual paper delivery and tracking methods is incredibly inefficient and prone to costly communication gaps between agencies that could result in delays. Judicial agencies need name, date, and time-stamped confirmation that court notifications were received. Law enforcement and civilian witnesses need to receive attendance or cancellation court notifications well in advance and be able to request continuous. Both need analytics to continually assess witness-related data.

How Does Orion Serve Judicial Agencies?

Orion’s mission to serve those who serve is at the heart of our operational workforce management technology. We serve judicial agencies by closing court notification gaps between the courts and public safety or civilian witnesses. By providing a cloud-based solution for real-time subpoena management—for everything from issuance to acknowledged receipt and attendance tracking with analytical capabilities—Orion supports the greater effort to serve communities from coast to coast.

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