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Serving the Criminal Justice Practitioner Workforce

Criminal justice practitioner roles vary widely and includes judges, prosecutors, public defenders, court administrators, law enforcement and correctional personnel. Proper communication between practitioners is critical when it comes to court. From criminal, civil, and juvenile to traffic and magistrate cases, they must have the proper tools to work efficiently together.

Subpoena delivery and receipt is one area that’s full of communication gaps. Issuing subpoenas using paper deliveries or, at best, email notifications is much like throwing a football down the field without knowing if it’s been caught. Court administrators need timely confirmation that notifications were received. Officers and civilian witnesses need to receive their notices sooner rather than later. Both need Orion.

Judicial Practitioners

Subpoena Notification Challenges

  • Paper processes for officers or civlians labor intense and prone to errors
  • Email notices lack centralized tracking or receipt acknowledgment
  • Lack of knowledge about officer conflicts force cases to be rescheduled
  • Failure to receive disregard notices result in unnecessary officer overtime
  • Added staff needed to ensure officers receive notices and attend court
  • Inability to track officers that fail to appear in court
  • Inability to prove that officers received and read court notifications

How Does Orion Serve Criminal Justice Practitioners?

We serve criminal justice practitioner by providing software that can be added to case management systems or used independently to close court notification gaps. Orion's CourtNotify software goes beyond other products by delivering an end-to-end solution that unifies all criminal justice practitioners. With real-time subpoena issuance and receipt acknowledgement for either public safety and civilian witnesses, it includes officer attendance tracking and analytical capabilities.


  • Court administrators and liaisons use analytical tools for better witness management oversight

  • Law enforcement managers save time with auditable notification acknowledgment and attendance status tracking 

  • Officers and service deputies stay connected with mobile notifications and logistical details


Designed to provide real-time court notifications for officers, civilians or incarcerated witnesses, this is a proven solution being used in major metro counties from coast to coast.

Our Criminal Justice Practitioner Customers

Services from Your Long Term Partner

As your long-term partner, we know that deploying your solution is just the beginning. We will continue to add value by providing forward thinking best practices that are tough problem solvers. From how to use operational analytics for smart decision making to offering methods for controlling costs and ensuring compliance, our job is to continuously add value to your investment.

How Can We Serve You?

Are your paper or email court notification processes labor intense and prone to errors? Our solutions experts would enjoy learning about them and offering a few best practices. Just let us know how you'd like to connect!