Training Managers

Coordinate Workforce Training Courses with Employee Schedules

Say farewell to spreadsheets. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to set up and notify employees about training events that are coordinated with their schedules. With training events included on daily shift rosters, backfilling vacancies can be planned well in advanced.


Training Management

Centralize management of your training courses and certification requirements. Easily notify and track attendance results.


Interactive Analytics

Interact with your data to generate workforce analytics with dashboard visualizations that provide insights into training trends.


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Simplify Training Administration

Create internal or external curriculum-based courses and assign classroom or academy field locations. Assign the right training to the right person in seconds. Track attendance and log training results in real-time. Then, simply query your data to view the training analytics that’s right for you!

Training Courses

Automate Certification Renewal Alerts

Need to ensure your workforce certifications are kept current? That’s easy. Simply set renewal notification alerting and let the system remind you when it’s time to renew. Plus, it can automatically transmit results to governmental institutions for you.

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