Subpoena Management

Close Subpoena Notification Gaps Between Criminal Justice Team Players

Today's criminal justice practitioners typically use case management software focused on defendant and case details. Witnesses may be notified through manual paper delivery or, at best, using individual email notifications to officers. It's much like throwing a football down the field with no knowledge of whether it's been caught by the receiving team. With this type of gap, court notices are often sent to retired officers or those with scheduling conflicts. Manual tracking of delivery results for civilian service takes extensive time to return and are often prone to errors.  

Officer's notices routed through manual processes may not be received until after the court date. They may arrive in court only to learn that their case had previously been dismissed. Often their arrivals, departures, and case results are not quantified, so those who failed to appear or who spend excess time in court have little oversight. Keeping the status quo can result in court delays or contribute to unnecessary overtime costs. Judicial and public safety participants need a better solution. Both need CourtNotify Subpoena Management.

Officer and Civilian Subpoena Issuance and Receipt Management


CourtNotify Subpoena Management software is the only end-to-end solution on the market today that closes the gaps between the courts and public safety or civilian witnesses. The software can be used independently by public safety agencies or integrated with case management systems to unify court clerks, prosecutors, public defenders, and public safety personnel. It’s a proven solution that’s being used coast-to-coast.

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"Katrina has shown how timely, accurate and shared information is critical to the operations of every criminal justice agency in New Orleans. Post-Katrina manpower shortages made labor saving efficiencies like CourtNotify, even more important."


Dr. Heidi Unter, New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation

Send Notices and View Receipt Acknowledgments in Real-Time

Quickly add witnesses to case events and send online subpoena notices to officers or civilian service deputies. View officers’ schedules in real-time with time-stamped notice delivery and receipt acknowledgements that support accountability. It’s an insightful means of monitoring notifications as part of a court case’s progression.

Simplify Civilian Subpoena Service and Reduce Delivery Costs

Civilian subpoena service deliveries can be presented in sorted zip code order for optimal delivery routes. Scanners, laptops, or mobile devices can be used to verify addresses and enter delivery results. This solution makes civilian notification tracking efficient for court clerks and serving agencies.

Increase Officer Awareness About Court Events

Officers receive and acknowledge court notifications in real time using web screens or mobile devices. Court events are synced with officers’ on-duty schedules and scheduling conflicts are flagged. It’s a centralized solution for court liaisons and officers alike.

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Improve Court Attendance with Added Mobile Modules

Receive Court Notifications with Case and Logistical Details

Officers receive and acknowledge court notifications in real-time using IOS or Android mobile devices. It’s a great way to save administration time and coordinate schedules.

Track Court Attendance with Orion MobileTRKR

Capture officer attendance and case result details. Rules can be applied to ensure officers do not check into events too early or remain too long after their cases have concluded. With this solution, you are quantifying the previously unquantifiable.

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